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Meet GSR Hospice

Who We Are

Hello there! We are a women-owned business operating out of Southern California with 15 plus years of experience in the hospice field.  Most importantly, we have had the personal experience of walking the hospice path with family members of our own.  We understand the hardship and beauty of coming to terms with ones last days and how we can help.  


Our vision is for every patient to take control of the time they have left and live with comfort and dignity.  Our team is dedicated to making this happen through quality care, compassion and support for patients and their families alike. 

Meet GSR
Why Hospice

Why Hospice?

It can help with

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Pain Management

Patient comfort is our priority.  Managing pain and discomfort to make you feel as good as possible helps you or your loved one enjoy life.

Management of Care

Hospice is a team approach to medical care.  Care is comprehensive and delivered at home or care facility night and day together with the family or facility care takers.

Family Support

Every family's journey is different.  We acknowledge and respect your decisions, we are there to help you with care for yourself or loved one.

Medical Supplies

Home medical equipment can be provided to ease care at home, this can include shower chairs, hospital beds, supplies related to toileting, etc. 


Through hospice many patients do not have any out of pocket expenses.

Medicare generally covers 100% of costs for hospice care for eligible patients.


Reduce anxiety with care that comes to you 24/7.

Caretakers can receive respite relief


Thank you so much for taking care of my wife for the last part of her life! She lived. She laughed. And she loved; and the world is a better place because she was here. ”

— Eric (husband of 33 years)

Area of Coverage

We are a Medicare certified agency accredited by the Joint Commission operating out of Southern California


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837 N La Cadena Dr. Suite B Colton, CA 92324

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